New Proust review

KH only now found a really nice and  quirky review of “A la recherche du temps perdu” in the Hindu Business Line. It was written by N. Nagaraj in December 2006, so only a month after our first performance at the allgirls gallery.

It starts with the following very poetic images and puts our work in relation to them:

Enjoyed those time-compressed movies where you can see the passing of the seasons on a mountain-top? And on the other extreme, have you been mesmerised by the super-slow-motion replay of the red cricket ball, hitting the pitch and turning, turning, turning and kissing the edge of the bat?

We haven’t seen it till now for some reason but anyway it’s great and thank you to the reviewer!

A la recherche in Ljubljana

A static version of our performance “A la recherche du temps perdu” is being shown in Ljubljana at the Museum of Modern Art (Mala Galerija) in the exhibition “You own me now until you forget about me”. The exhibition shows work dealing with language and its rules and structures.

From the concept:

“Speech and the ability for meta-reflection on one’s language are inherent characteristics of human beings. … [T]he main thing the [artworks] have in common is that they take as their starting point an exploration of language, with all its arbitrary structures and rules, its various functions within society, its absurdities and constraints on the individual. Rather than focusing on the isolated – literary / literal – artwork, the exhibition highlights general artistic tendencies toward a discursive process that originates on the Internet and finds its way back to the ‘virtualities of real life’.”

A short review is up at Rhizome. Thanks to Birgit Rinagl and Franz Thalmair for showing our work!

Hack.fem.east in Kunstamt Bethanien


Diana McCarty and I are going to hang out at Kunstamt Bethanien this weekend. Tatiana Bazzichelli and Gaia Novati invited artists, hackers and activists to discuss the terms of hacking and making art in Eastern Europe. We are going to make net radio and interview everybody who crosses our way – so beware! It’s not yet clear how and when and where (well, it kind of is but we are still setting up and figuring things out) but watch the Hack.fem.east website for more info and our contributions.

iRights-Buch erschienen BPBEs hat lange gedauert, aber endlich ist es da: das “Urheberrecht im Alltag – Kopieren, bearbeiten, selbermachen”. Es versammelt die Texte, die wir für die Website von 2005 bis 2007 geschrieben haben. Veröffentlicht wurde das Buch von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Deshalb kann man es auch zum sensationellen Preis von 2 Euro dort erwerben (Update: inzwischen kostet es 4,50 – immer noch billig).

Neues Projekt bei iRights: Arbeit 2.0


Arbeit 2.0 & HMKV

Seit Oktober 2007 forscht unter dem Titel „Arbeit 2.0“ darüber, wie das Urheberrecht und Digitalisierung kreative Arbeit beeinflusst und verändert – und natürlich umgekehrt. Unsere alte Website soll – behutsam – erneuert und modernisiert werden. Das wird aber noch ein paar Wochen dauern. Mittlerweile gibt es aber schon ein „Arbeit 2.0“-Blog, in dem im Februar der Komponist Christian von Borries aus China, „dem Land der Raubkopien“, berichtete und wir, die Redakteure von und unsere Partner vom Hartware MedienKunstVerein in Dortmund, mit denen wir das Projekt gemeinsam durchführen, unsere Fundstücke und vorläufigen Ergebnisse posten. Der zweite Teil des Projekts wird eine Ausstellung in der Phoenixhalle in Dortmund sein, kuratiert von Inke Arns und Francis Hunger vom HMKV.

The new project at (which is a website on copyrights in the digital realm where I’m working as an editor – just to remind you) is called „Arbeit 2.0“ (I don’t know if it should be translated as “Work 2.0“ or “Labour 2.0“ – I’m not quite clear on the difference). It deals with the changes digitalization brought about regarding creative work/labour and copyrights. The is researching how the different genres of creative work, for example music, journalism, art, design etc. have changed in the last ten or so years, what the conditions of work are, how much can be earned etc. The other part of the project will be an exhibition in Dortmund at the Hartware MedienKunstVerein in July, curated by Inke Arns and Francis Hunger who are the other part of the “Arbeit 2.0“ team. We already did a presentation at the Transmediale and have a blog where in February the composer and conductor Christian von Borries reported from China.


8 – 10 December 2006, bootlab, Berlin

The Language of Resistance is an attempt to confront the dissonance within European Feminist discourses and establish a forward thinking agenda that takes into account the multiple discourses and histories of the past. As part of a series of events that have taken place in Graz, Austria, and Manchester, United Kingdom, the infinite Prologue continues. Rethinking how we view what has already come to pass and how we imagine the future – most importantly, analyzing the conditions for living and working in Europe today from a feminist perspective.


A la recherche du temps perdu in London

A 5 minute extract from Karl Heinz Jeron‘s and my performance “A la recherche du temps perdu” in London this year on March 20.

We performed “A la recherche” as a part of the xxxxx event in March 2006 in London. They have an archive with the other artists and works ready as audio/image/video in Ogg Vorbis/Theora format. Other participants include: Erich Berger, Alexei Blinov, Andy Bolus [Evil Moisture], Shu Lea Cheang, Florian Cramer, Yves Degoyon, Aaron Dilloway, Kevin Drumm, Leif Elggren, PxP [Farmers Manual], Takeshi Fumimoto, Olga Goriunova, Graham Harwood, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Stewart Home, Martin Howse, Jason Kahn, Toshio Kajiwara, Jonathan Kemp, Bruno Marchal, Aymeric Mansoux, Armin Medosch, Joachim Montessuiss, Phill Niblock, Karl Pribram, Pure, Otto Roessler, Adriana Sa,, John Wiese.

More info can be found on their website:

Performance in Vienna

Karl Heinz Jeron and me participated in the festival Paraflows06 in Vienna on 10 September 2006 with our performance “A la recherche du temps perdu”. It was the third time that the performance was presented – the first time was in Berlin in the allgirls gallery, the second time in London during the xxxxx festival in SPACE and now in Blumberg in Vienna.

The photos of the performance are now online on Flickr. Thanks to Verena Brückner, Florian Kmet, Thomas Hörl and Peter Kozek who played computer for 6 hours and made the performance possible.

Wizards of OS 4

The Wizards of OS 4 conference takes place from 14-16 September 2006 at the Columbiahalle in Berlin. The topic is “Information Freedom Rules” and I am working as the speaker support, that is booking flights, providing accomodation and all the other things that make their stay in Berlin agreeable.

Grimme Online Award für hat den „Grimme Online Award 2006“ gewonnen. Mit netter Preisbegründung – die scheinen genauso wie wir zu wollen, dass wir neues Geld kriegen: „Mit der Auszeichnung artikuliert die Jury auch ihre Hoffnung, dass dieses wichtige Aufklärungsangebot die künftigen Entwicklungen weiterhin kritisch begleiten wird, und so dazu beiträgt, möglichst vielen Menschen den Umgang mit digitalen Medien zu erleichtern.“