New Proust review

KH only now found a really nice and  quirky review of „A la recherche du temps perdu“ in the Hindu Business Line. It was written by N. Nagaraj in December 2006, so only a month after our first performance at the allgirls gallery.

It starts with the following very poetic images and puts our work in relation to them:

Enjoyed those time-compressed movies where you can see the passing of the seasons on a mountain-top? And on the other extreme, have you been mesmerised by the super-slow-motion replay of the red cricket ball, hitting the pitch and turning, turning, turning and kissing the edge of the bat?

We haven’t seen it till now for some reason but anyway it’s great and thank you to the reviewer!

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  1. Hi‘

    I am the writer of the article referred in this post. I was ego-surfing a little while back and came across this blog post.

    I’d love to hear from you about such projects by you and your friends.

    I write a (very) short piece every week on new media. technology and society. You can find a collection of my writing here:

    Thank you again for your kind words and I hope you will keep in touch regularly.

    With warm regards and wishing you and your readers a ver happy new year,